How to best describe the mission of our project: "Beer in a can”?

We are a bunch of (un)ordinary people for whom beer is closest to our heart. It started when Jarda and Ivan said to each other that there is a poor offer of honest Czech craft beer in cans on the market after drinking a few pitchers in a pub. And the idea was born! And the two just don’t give up on a great idea.

After months of hard work and a few sleepless nights, we put everything we needed together, and the dream came true. Our main goal is to bring you every day – in cans with a truly original design – the widest possible offer of beers from small breweries.

It is crystal clear that every good brewmaster has a loyal heart. And we know very well how much care and love small breweries put into brewing their beer. Brewermasters often dedicate their entire lives to this noble mission, and we can listen to their stories over and over again. They bring various beer styles, are not afraid to experiment, and let us discover new, interesting tastes. It is a community that holds together, often selflessly helping each other. And that’s what we like!

Many considered their own cans in the past, but the idea usually failed. That is why today, thanks to the latest modern technology, we are coming up with an offer to make canned beer more accessible even in smaller volumes. And that counts, because thanks to our cooperation with breweries, you will be more satisfied - OUR BEER LOVERS.

It is clear that beer tastes best right in the brewery, where you go on a trip with family or friends - where they offer it directly from the tank, often with an interesting story, but such possibility is not always and everywhere available. That’s why we want to bring a similar experience directly to your home.

We know that you like to try new tastes or give your loved ones original gifts. You see the story behind the beer and are interested in where it comes from. And most importantly – you can enjoy it with all your heart!

That’s why we come to you today with the widest offer of the best beer in original cans that will touch all your senses.

Discover and enjoy. We will happily be there with you.

Cheers and enjoy your can – we know you can!

For the team Beer in a can team,