Blackcurrant mulled wine

Blackcurrant mulled wine

500 ml | 11 %
  • 1 x 500 ml
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The blackcurrant mulled wine is a rare wine made exclusively from berries – blackcurrant, considered one of the healthiest fruits in the Slovak region due to its high content of vitamins and minerals and other vital substances for the body. A fragrant and mainly natural aroma, ruby-red colour, and playful natural acids, which are carefully balanced with residual sugar, conjures up a harmony of sensual tastes or even an exceptional taste sensation. We believe that the excellent taste of our blackcurrant wine will please your sweet tooth and that with every sip of our wine, besides euphoria and a feeling of joy, you will find the forgotten old wisdom.

Store in cold up to 10°C.

Preparation: heat to approx. 50°C.

Alcohol: 11 %
Allergens: obsahuje siřičitany, výtažek ze skořice a hřebíčku
Country of origin: Slovensko
Packaged in: DRINK2GO s.r.o.
Subtype: Half sweet
Kind: Hot Wine
Volume: 500 ml
Weight: 550 g