Rybízák sparkling fruit wine 250ml

Rybízák sparkling fruit wine 250ml

250 ml | 11.5 %
  • 1 x 250 ml
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Celebrate Christmas or welcome the New Year in style! These bubbles will stir up fun regardless of where you open them. You don't need an opener or glasses. Here, you just push the back tab of the can, tsss ... aaach and pour!

How to drink a Christmas Rybízák in a can? Mainly chilled – you won’t like the taste of warm sparkling wine. It’s great as an aperitif when you want to toast to an important event with your guests. If it is too strong for you, mix it with water and enjoy a perfect wine spritzer with sweet and sour currant undertones.

Store in the refrigerator or in a cold larder. Consume immediately after opening.

Alcohol: 11.5 %
Allergens: obsahuje siřičitany
Country of origin: Česká republika
Packaged in: DRINK2GO s.r.o.
Subtype: Half sweet
Kind: Sparkles
Volume: 250 ml
Weight: 300 g